Choose an option:

Im a student: Email us with a school email account and not a personal email and ask us to email your school to set stuff up

Im a teacher: Ask the digital champion of your school to email us and ask about our registeration.

Im a Digital Champion: Email us in and ask for the "Reg. Dept", Email us with the subject "REG. Dept: (Query)", or just include registration in the title, Make sure you email with an approved email as we will email the school associated to check if you are a member of staff at the school.

Im a Head/Deputy (master/mistress): Although we suggest the digital champion to email us, you can do so too.

Im apart of the PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) of the school: Ask the digital champion to email us.

Im a parent / other: Ask a member of staff to contact the Head, Deputy or Digital Champion